Know Your Mental Wellness - Common problems which can affect mental wellbeing

Know Your Mental Wellness - Common problems which can affect mental wellbeing

Below are examples of the types of problems which can be experienced by people who are having difficulties with their mental health.

Have you suffered from any of the following for at least two weeks?

1) Feeling down in yourself, more than just having a bad day?

2) Not enjoying things which were previously pleasurable?

3) Feeling excessively tired, more than usual?

4) Feeling unusually positive and energetic?

5) Behaving out of character for you (e.g. being more antisocial, taking risks you wouldn’t normally take)?

6) Noticing changes in your concentration, sleep, appetite or libido?

7) Feeling excessively worried and experiencing unusual physical symptoms (e.g. feeling your heart beating quickly, feeling sweaty, becoming breathless)?

8) Having to get away from certain situations owing to feelings of dread or panic?

9) Finding yourself thinking differently (e.g. negatively about yourself or the future, worrying about things all the time, finding unpleasant thoughts entering your mind repetitively even if you try to stop them)?

10) Having unusual thoughts or experiences (e.g. worrying that people are following you or looking at you, hearing or seeing unusual things you can’t explain)?

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