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Psychosis is a word used to describe a variety of symptoms which have one thing in common: they involve a detachment from reality. More

Know Your Mental Wellness - Common problems which can affect mental wellbeing More

There are certain risk factors for depression, such as a similar illness in family members, early parental loss or childhood abuse. More

Bipolar disorder is an illness classically characterised by an individual’s mood being repeatedly very high (manic) or very low (depressed), or a combination of the two. More

Anxiety can occur in a free-floating way, symptoms include feelings of apprehension, tension and physical symptoms. More

Stress can affect many areas of physical and mental health. It is associated with heart problems, high blood pressure, indigestion and stomach problems and abnormal sugar levels in the blood. More

Obsessions are thoughts. In OCD, they are recognised as an individual’s own thoughts and not coming from an external source. More

Meet Dr Vimal Sivasanker

Dr Vimal Sivasanker - North London Psychiatry Practice - 10 Years Of Experience

Dr Vimal Sivasanker completed his medical training at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine. He completed psychiatric training on the East London and Cambridge and East Anglia rotations, working extensively in inner city and rural areas treating a broad range of psychiatric disorders.He was appointed as a consultant psychiatrist in 2008 and currently works as a consultant psychiatrist in Hertfordshire.

Meet Dr Sivasanker

Our Approach & Consultation Process

One in four adults has been diagnosed with a mental illness at some stage during their lifetime. Psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety, can affect people of all ages and lifestyles and are often highly distressing, affecting work, relationships and quality of life.

Our priority is to work tirelessly to restore people to good mental health, surely one of the most important of all health interventions.

Provided an excellent insights into my condition, combined with a caring approach to improve my overall well-being. This resulted in my condition improving drastically in a relatively short period of time.